Getting busy


I really don’t know how you bloggers do it. I had a quiet August, with just one part time job and loads of time on my hands and I got really into blogging. It’s a great new hobby. But then all of a sudden I got really, really busy with work. It’s great being busy, but I really miss writing this blog. How do you guys manage it?

I’m hoping once I settle into my new routine I will have time for blogging again, but it does take up a lot of time. I had, back in August, spent a great deal of time promoting my blog, something that I guess is really important if you want people to find you, but I think I will be spending more time on the content. I have an Etsy shop Lelsloom, and it is the same for that too, you really need to spend a great deal of time promoting your work when what we really want to be doing is the work itself, writing, knitting etc.

This is a very short post, but a post with an important question. How do you all juggle your blog with work, lifestyle and so on?

9 thoughts on “Getting busy”

  1. I have been lacking on blogging amongst other things as well…I’m fairly new to the blog world but I think the secret is not to stress about what your going to write or pressure yourself and over think things. Blogging is supposed to be fun so just go with the flow and enjoy it. take it easy x

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  2. I know how difficult it becomes to stay motivated to write and upload each day but we just have to do it. I am trying to build a routine these days, hope that helps.

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  3. It can be very hard!! I have a full time job and our blogging business as Love30 has recently expanded into running clients social media as well so time?! Is not my friend! Just making sure you have set times to do particular work and having a routine helps loads 😄 Ree love30

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  4. I just love working on my site so much that I squeeze it in in every spare minute. I’m lucky to work on the website with 2 others. That helps! Besides that, I try to write whenever possible (Sometimes just on paper, when I’m somewhere else). But I work daily on getting more traffic!

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  5. I work from home and I’m so busy with my various clients. I love blogging so much that I really try and find the time to do it. It has to be a desire so you will continue on. What keeps me motivated is a blogging calendar that I have where I write down the topics I intend on posting about. That way I keep a schedule and try to have content on the blog often.

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  6. Hi Lesley, though it’s been a month when you’ve posted this post, I can feel what you’ve felt. It’s really hard to keep on blogging and promote your site amidst of all the things that you need to do first in your everyday life, and yes, sometimes you are lack of motivation but it’s true that we don’t need to stress ourselves to worry about when and what to write. We may be gone for a while but make sure that when we’re about to write again, it’s because we enjoy it and feel good about it. ☺ Also, I want to thank you for being my first follower. I’m kinda new too in blogging, and I’ve been inactive for a month, thank you for sticking with me. 😄 God bless!

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