What are you good at?

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Me, hiding in a jumper I knitted


Writing my first blog post From wow to how? was very cathartic for me. I meant every word I said and I feel as if that post has set the tone for all my future blog posts. Self-worth is a very hard thing to quantify, isn’t it? It’s one thing to dish out advice to others, often using our own experiences as examples, yet, it’s another thing entirely actually putting these words into actions. Why? How many of us have sat with friends or loved ones listing all of their qualities in an attempt to boost their self-esteem? How many of us have had our self-esteem boosted by friends and loved ones? These exchanges feel good and they can work because much of the time we allow ourselves to be boosted by those we trust. Why can’t we do this for ourselves? Do we not trust ourselves? Do we not believe in ourselves?

Why is it so much easier to believe the negatives about ourselves rather than the positives? On any given day we are likely to receive more compliments than insults, but it’s the insults, the negatives that we are more likely to remember, more likely to dwell on. Why is this? We are taught from a young age that bragging and being arrogant is a negative thing, a flaw, if you will. However, it’s not as if there is an extremely thin line between putting ourselves down and being arrogant. There is a huge space between these two states, and, plenty of room for some self-belief; there is even room within that space to admit out loud that we believe in ourselves.

It seems that putting ourselves down has been fashionable for a very long time. Perhaps being self-deprecating is quite charming when done in a humorous way. However, I think it’s a real shame that we find it easier to put ourselves down rather than put ourselves out there. I’ve recently been writing a lot of cover letters and I find them so difficult to write, even though it’s not in person I find it so difficult to sell myself. If I were to write a critique of myself I feel it would be much easier and a great deal longer too.

I thought one thing that could be nice and positive for this blog post would be if we all post a sentence or two in the comments listing a few things we are good at. It can be anything, absolutely anything, as long as it is positive.

I’ll start….

My name is Lesley-Anne. I am good at talking, hiding, looking after animals, handling animals, studying animals, presenting Science shows, knitting, making candles and being a good friend.



51 thoughts on “What are you good at?”

  1. Hi Leslie-Anne, what a good idea this is.

    My name is Sheryl. I am good at being a mom, wife, and friend. I am also good at writing, crafts, baking, listening, sharing and encouraging others.

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  2. 1. I love this post and I wanted to ask if I can feature it on my blog post today which is my first edition of shout out Saturdays, where I share my favorite post of the week that I read.
    2. I am good at reading, taking care of my husband, taking care of animals, writing, and being positive!

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  3. So true what you say, sometimes it feels like loving ourselves is illegal, like self promoting is a sin, when it is not. How are we to develop skills and talents if we are not able to recognize our abilities first and showing them? Yes, it’s also testing, but before we go to that the common thought “Oh leave it, I am not good enough!”

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  4. Hi 🙂 I found you on the Community Pool post and I’m glad I came here! You ask some relatable questions in your post. I don’t have any enlightening answers but reading this did make me pause and think about how I’m more inclined to accept validation from others than myself. Well here are my good things and thankfully I don’t have to say this out loud.. I’m Corina and I’m good at laughing, making very garlicky hummus, writing dialogue and caring for pets and people.

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  5. This is a very nice initiative leslie that you have taken..congrats on that. . Hi to you and others…. My name is Falak. And I love talking, writing, shopping, travelling. . So u can see I have all the traits of a woman.. but I am not that womanish in nature..lol

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  6. Great post it’s sometimes nice to think about what we’re good at, although I’m the type of person who prefers to think about what I could better about myself. I think I’m good at writing, drawing, cooking and being a cat mama

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  7. I’m Annie and I’m able to think. I’m an extremely logical person so there are no positive/negative things for me, there are just different perceptions of the same thing. Also if I think I’m bad at something I always consider if I can do it better, if not, it just falls into the stuff I don’t bother with.

    Btw, this is a nice post, I hope it’ll make your readers think.

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  8. I am good at many things, too many to list. I’m most confident about my talents when it comes to writing. Writing is my passion and I feel blessed to share it with others. BTW this is a great blog post. Makes your really think.

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