A lovely wee pet



I’m man’s best friend, a lovely wee pet

The sweetest dog you will ever have met

I’m loyal to my owners, I’m shared and enslaved

Yet their affection for me goes beyond the depraved


I’m tame, I seem happy, they think it’s my choice

I make a great victim as I don’t have a voice

Too scared to run, I appear so content

The result of dark actions that require no consent


The place I call home is now filled with regret

For who could abuse such a lovely wee pet?



20 thoughts on “A lovely wee pet”

  1. Hi Lesley, I was going to leave a comment on the community pool but the comments are closed. What a nice but heartbreaking poem. Your writing is good.

    If animals in general that are kept as pets could communicate using human speech, I’m sure that is what some of them would say if they were poorly treated. It’s truly a sad indictment that some human beings mistreat their pets or animals in their care.

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  2. Thank you for stopping bay . This is really well put forth. I use to volunteer here in my city and was saddened to see how people abuse. I do self work (not more now that iv filled my plate with four dogs with of work) when it comes to rescues and it really uneasy to see people being so heartless.


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